This is what happens when your customer or client makes a purchase or payment on your website.

Step 1. The customer adds items to their basket and goes to the checkout.
Step 2. The customer selects the Sage Pay payment option and enters their card details.
Step 3. Sage Pay puts the transaction through the card check schemes and sends it to the card issuer for fraud checks (i.e., 3D Secure).
Step 4. The Transaction Successful message is displayed to your customer so they know their payment has gone through.
Step 5. The transaction is complete in a matter of seconds.

Sage Pay administration interface settings (MySagePay)

For the configuration, log into Sage Pay in the Administration Tool (MySagePay):

  • Test Environment:
  • Live Environment:

Setting Valid IPs
For your shop to access the payment page of SagePay, the IP of your server has to be saved as a valid IP with SagePay.
You can use tools like this website: to find out the server IP address.
Click on add and enter the IP address, enter for the subnet mask and add a description, so you know what the IP address is for.

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