Why can't I process Bancontact refunds?

You have followed the steps in our refund article here; however, for some reason, the refund does not work, and it returns an error similar to this one "Error: Operation is not allowed check user privileges APIusertowanda payment method CreditCardBancontactMister Cash and existing status 9and there seem to be no error logs being shown in the Ingenico back office.

Why is that?

Refunds are not possible if you've used " Bancontact" as a payment method.
It is only possible if you are subscribed to "Collect product," in which Ingenico acts as your acquirer.
Refunds can be processed if you have used other payment methods.

In this case, we recommend emailing Ingenico support for more information. You can email them here: support.ecom@ingenico.com.

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